Rebuild Google Drive database on Windows

Occasionally Google Drive will fail to detect changes were made to files or folders. As a result the updates will not be pushed/pulled as they are applied. 

When this happens it's typically related to Drive failing to update the database that keeps track of the state for all files local and in the cloud.  

To resolve this you can follow these steps: 

  1. Close the Google Drive application completely to stop the process by right clicking on the Google Drive icon located near your clock, click the 3 dots and click Quit Google Drive:


  2. Once the Drive icon disappears from your task bar open a Windows Explorer window. You can do this by clicking Start --> Computer

    Copy the following, paste it into the address bar of the Windows Explorer window you just opened and press enter: 


  3. In this folder rename the folder called cloud_graph to cloud_graph.old

  4. Open Google Drive application by clicking Start --> All Programs --> Google Drive --> Google Drive

    Drive will launch and rescan your files

    If you see the following prompt click Continue syncing

    Once Drive rescans your files and updates any out of date entries the database will be fully rebuilt 

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