Connect or Disconnect an Online Disk in My Secure Backup

  1. At the bottom right of your desktop right click on the MySecureBackup icon and click Configure. You may need to click the arrow to the left in order to see the icon: 

  2. On the configuration page click on the disk name that you would like to connect/disconnect

  3. On the right click Connect Online Disk to connect the disk. Conversely, click Disconnect Online Disk to disconnect the disk:

  4. On the confirmation prompt click OK:

  5. The icon next to the disk will become grey if it was disconnected, or become blue if you connected it. 

    If you disconnected the disk it will automatically disappear from the computer. You can click OK on the configuration page. 

    If you connected a disk, please proceed below:

  6. Select the disk you just reconnected and click the plus (+) symbol to the left of the name

  7. Click the plus (+) next to Network Drive and select Local Drive Mapping

  8. Next to Network Drive Letter click the dropdown and click any drive letter you desire

  9. Click OK

  10. The online disk will now show up on the computer

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