Update My Secure Backup services to restart

If you experience issues with My Secure Backup disconnecting or losing access to your drives, try the following steps: 


  1. Click the Start button at the bottom left of the screen and start typing services.msc

  2. You will see this app show up in the results: 

  3. Click this and it will open the services console

  4. In the console scroll down until you find the MySecureBackupService name.

    Double click this and it will open the service properties window: 

  5. If the Service status does not say Running, click the Start button 
  6. Click on the Recovery tab 

  7. Click the drop down next to First failure and click Restart the Service. 

    Perform the same action on Second Failure and Subsequent Failures

  8. Once you've selected these options the properties window should look like this: 

  9. Click Apply and close the services console

  10. My Secure Backup should no longer disconnect unless there is some sort of network or internet access issue on the computer 

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