Setup Office 365 account on Motorola/Droid

  1. You will first start by pulling down your notification shade by swiping down twice from the top of your screen. This will reveal the settings cog: 

  2. Tap the cog and you will be taken to your Settings menu. Scroll down and tap on Accounts

  3. Next tap Add Account

  4. Next tap Corporate

  5. Enter your email address and tap the right arrow at the bottom right

  6. On the next page check the box next to Show Password so you can be sure you are entering it correctly

    After entering your password tap the right arrow

  7. You will be prompted with a warning message. Tap Continue

  8. On the following page you will need to scroll down and change the Server field to then tap the right arrow at the bottom of the screen:

  9. You will then be prompted to allow remote administration of your phone. Tap OK

  10. On the next page you can specify your sync settings or leave it default and tap the right arrow at the bottom of the screen

  11. You will then be prompted to active Device Administrator. Tap Activate:


  12. On the final screen you can specify the account description (optional) and tap the right arrow to finish the setup: 

    Your account should now be setup and email will sync to your phone from your Office 365 account. 

    To access your email go to your App Drawer and open the blue and white Email app. 

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