Manually Reassign Ownership of Drive files and folders

If you're the owner of a file or folder in Google Drive, you can reassign ownership of object at anytime. Once you've assigned a new owner, you will be given edit access to the object.

Please note: The owner will be the only person allowed to reassign ownership. Take this into account when transferring ownership to other people as you will lose the ability to take the file/folder back. 


  1. Start by right clicking on the file/folder in question and click Share

  2. On the next page click Advanced: 

  3. If you do not see the person you want to assign ownership to in this list, enter their email address and click in the Invite People section, uncheck the "Notify people via email" box and click Ok. They will now show up in this list

  4. In the advanced sharing settings click the Edit drop down menu next to the to-be owner and click Is Owner and click Done: 

  5. You will be shown a warning message asking you to confirm the ownership reassignment. Click Yes: 

  6. You will see the ownership and edit rights switch. 

    If the file/folder is not already in another folder the new owner will see this object show up in their My Drive automatically  

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