Bulk change user passwords with CSV file

If you have several users to change passwords for in Google Apps you can upload a CSV (comma separated values ) file with the basic user information

  1. First Export a CSV file of your current users from the Google Apps Control Panel
    From the Users page in the Admin console mouse over the + button at the bottom right and click the blue Add Multiple Users button. You will get the following window: 

  2. Check the box next to Pre-populate with existing users
  3. Click Download as .csv
  4. Open the downloaded .csv file and remove any users you do not want modified. 

    You can leave the password field blank and you can still force users to change their current password OR you can even use this method to create a predetermined password users will need to use upon next logon

    Required Row 1 Values: Email Address, First Name, Last Name & Password

    VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure to remove any accounts whose passwords should not be changed. These can be items such as service accounts, administrators and yourself. Uploading the CSV with blank password fields and checking the box to require reset upon next logon will force the password to require a change for everyone listed in the CSV. 

  5. Navigate to the Users Section in the Admin Panel, mouse over the + button at the bottom right and click the blue Add Multiple Users button:

  6. Click the Attach File button and select your .csv file from earlier
  7. Make sure the checkbox next to Require user to change password at next sign-in is checked if you intend for users to reset their passwords

  8. After you’ve chosen your options and selected your completed CSV file, click Upload and the changes will be processed

    Once you click Upload and continue the new accounts will be processed for creation by Google Apps and you’ll receive an email confirmation upon completion. 

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