Send as a different email address in Outlook - for Gmail users

Before you begin these steps please be sure you have already followed the steps in the Set up sending from another email account KB article. If you have not yet performed these steps, the following directions will not yield the correct functionality. 


  1. In Outlook, open a send window and enter the address in the message's From field. You'll have to type the whole address the first time you enter it. After that, the address will auto-complete after you type the first few characters. Or in Microsoft Outlook® 2010, you'll be able to choose it from a list of available From addresses

    1. If you do not see the From field perform the following steps:

      Click the Options tab at the top of the window

      click the Options tab on the Outlook message window

      Click the From button in the Show Fields section of the window

      how to display the from field in outlook 2010

  2. Compose the rest of your message in Outlook and click Send

    The recipient should see the email came from the address you entered in the From field instead of your primary email address you use to login with. If you experience issues or receive an email stating Outlook is not authorized to send as that email address, please review your Send as settings in Gmail. 

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