How to bulk add users in Office 365

  1. Click Admin at the top right and click Office 365:

  2. In the left column expand Users and click Active Users

  3. Click the Group add button:

  4. Click Download a blank CSV file and save the CSV do your computer:

  5. Open the CSV, fill out the the information you require and save it

    Note: You only need to fill out the first 4 columns. DO NOT change the name or position of the columns.

    Be sure to enter the full email address in the User Name column.
  6. Go back to the web page, click Browse, select the CSV file, and click Open

  7. Click Next. Your entries will be scanned and verified as correct. If you get any errors view the log by clicking View next to Log file. Review and correct any errors with your CSV file

  8. Click Next and select the settings that pertain to these users

  9. Confirm you have enough licenses available for the number of users you are adding

    1. If you are out of licenses or do not have enough you can either delete unused user accounts or contact Support to have your license count increased

  10. Click Next and enter the email address you'd like the user creation verification email sent to, if any, and click Next

  11. You should be presented a successful user add window showing the temporary passwords for these users. These passwords will require a change after they log in for the first time

    The user accounts are now created on your domain. 

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