How to import Outlook distribution groups as Gmail contact groups

  1. Open Outlook and go to the contact group you want to export
    1. Please note: You can only export one distribution group at a time
  2. Select the group, click File and click Save As...

  3. From the Save as type drop down select Text Only, verify the destination you are saving the file to and click Save

  4. Open the folder where you saved the exported group and click the dropdown arrow next to Open at the top left of Windows Explorer and click Microsoft Office Excel

  5. Highlight and delete the first 3 rows

  6. In column A1 type First name, in column B1 type email address:

    1. It does affect the naming of the contact if both the first and last names are in the first name column
  7. Click the Orb or File (Depending on which version of Excel you are in) and click Save as...:

  8. Click the Save as Type drop down and select CSV (comma delimited) and click Save:

  9. You will receive a prompt informing you of the format incompatibility. Simply click Yes:

  10. Close Excel. When prompted to save the file again click No

  11. Go to, click the More button and click Import

  12. Click Choose File, navigate to the CSV file you exported, select it and click Open 

  13. Click Import

  14. The group will now appear on the left side under your other contacts and contact groups with the title "Imported <today's date>: 

  15. Select the group, click the More button and click Rename group: 

  16. Rename the group to the original name you prefer
    1. Please note: You will need to rename every contact group you import manually 

  17. Your contact distribution group has now been successfully imported to Google apps

    Pro tip: If you have a large number of distribution groups, it may be quicker to export and convert all your groups first then upload them to Google instead of doing the entire process one at a time

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