Create Google Group to only allow intergroup communication

These instructions will walk you through how to setup an email group in Google apps that only allows members, owners and managers of the group to receive and post messages. 

  1. Go to and login with your super admin account

  2. Click on Groups

  3. Click the Create Group button at the top right of the page: 

  4. Give the group a name and enter the email address you prefer. Leave the Access Level as Public and click Create

  5. The group you created should show up in the list of groups now. Click on this group and click on Manage users in <group name> 

  6. Add the users you want in this group in the Add new members field.

    Note: It's best to add the users using their email addresses to ensure accuracy

  7. Click the back button at the top left of the window to go back to the group settings page

  8. Click on Access Settings

  9. Navigate to Permissions --> Basic permissions

  10. Click the drop down next to Post and ensure Public and All organization members is unchecked and click Save at the top of the window: 

  11. Optional: You can navigate to Permissions --> Access permissions and change these settings to your liking in order to hide the members of this group from non-members

    Once you've configured the settings under Basic permissions you should be all set.

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