Google Drive Phishing Attacks

How to avoid Google Drive Phishing Attacks:

Some users are receiving “phishing” emails from other Google Apps users that appears as a Google Drive share.  The purpose of these attacks is to acquire your Google Apps login information.  


The subject and content may change from person to person, be wary as the email appears relatively legitimate.


When the recipient clicks on the link they will be taken to what appears to be a Google login page.  The URL may be telling, keep an eye out for a URL that looks like “” or “”


Tips for protecting your Google account:

  • Look for a phishing alert. Gmail automatically displays warnings on messages they suspect are phishing attacks. Always look for these warnings at the top of your email.
  • Know when you are logged in. If you are already logged into Gmail to check your email, you won’t need to log-in again to view a Google Drive document.
  • If you fear your account has been compromised then go ahead and change your password.  Here is how to do so.



NOTE: The URL is not directly to

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