Setting up application specific passwords with 2-step verification

What needs an application password?

Examples of devices and applications that use App Passwords include: Email clients such as Outlook, Apple Mail and Thunderbird, and any iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices. 

How to generate an application password

  1. Visit your App password page

  2. Click the Select App dropdown and click Mail

  3. Click the Select Device dropdown and click the option that most closely resembles your device and click GENERATE
  4. You'll then see the new app password you just created. LEAVE THIS SCREEN UP FOR NOW: 

  5. Once you click Done, you’ll never see that application-specific code again. But don't panic: You can generate a new one

  6. On your iOS device or desktop mail program you will enter this app password in place of your normal Google account password

    NOTE: Do not include the spaces in the app password. The spaces simply make it easier to read

  7. Once you've entered your password and click OK your account should be all set

    To generate backup codes for your account, please follow the steps in this KB article.


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