Advanced Google Apps Sync for MS Outlook (GASMO) Tips

The same message appears in multiple folders in Outlook

A message that has multiple labels in Gmail appears in each corresponding folder in Outlook. It therefore looks like there are multiple copies of the message in Outlook, and the size of your local mailbox (PST file) can be larger as a result. There's only one copy of the message, however, so deleting it from one folder deletes it from the other folders, too.


Executable file attachments aren't appearing anywhere

Google Apps doesn't allow sending or receiving executable (.exe) and some other types of file attachments. Such attachments don't appear in either the Outlook or Gmail interface.


What types of files can I not send or receive?

"ade", "adp", "bat", "chm", "cmd", "com", "cpl", "dll", "exe",

"hta", "ins", "isp", "jse", "lib", "mde", "msc", "msp",

"mst", "pif", "scr", "sct", "shb", "sys", "vb", "vbe",

"vbs", "vxd", "wsc", "wsf", "wsh"


Outlook isn't showing my older messages (but the Gmail interface is)

This is probably because your local mailbox size (Outlook PST file) isn't large enough to store all your messages locally. Google Apps Sync stores the most recent messages locally (up to 1 GB by default). It stores the rest (up to 25 GB) in the cloud, where it's accessible from the Gmail interface. If you want more messages stored locally, you can increase your Mailbox Size Limit, say, to 2GB. However, this isn't normally recommended as it can have an adverse effect on performance.


I'm unable to move messages between folders in Outlook

If you're unable to move a message from one folder to another in Outlook, it could be because the destination folder doesn't have a corresponding label in Gmail. To fix the problem, try one of the following:

  • Create a label in Gmail that corresponds to the folder you're moving to.

  • Delete the folder in Outlook, and recreate it.

Note that you can't move messages directly into the Drafts folder but must save the message as a draft, instead.


Drafts I save in Outlook don't sync to Gmail

Unfortunately, Google Apps Sync doesn't synchronize email drafts with Gmail or other computers where you use Outlook. Please finish authoring your email using the same client where you started the draft.


Sent messages aren't showing up in my Outlook Sent Items folder

With the default Outlook settings, they should. If the original settings have been modified, restore the following default:

  1. In Outlook, click Tools > Options.

  2. On the Preferences tab, under E-mail, click E-mail Options.

  3. Select the check box for Save copies of messages in Sent Items folder.


Messages I move out of my Outlook Sent Items folder later reappear there

You can move a message out of your Sent Items folder in Outlook, also removing it from Gmail's Sent Mail label. However, that change doesn't always stick in Gmail. In Gmail, the message may later reappear in your Sent Mail label, then sync back to Outlook's Sent Items folder.

Calendar Sync Issues

My calendar invitations aren't syncing properly

This might be because you're receiving calendar invitations that aren't in the iCal format. Check in yourGmail interface to see if the invitation email contains a winmail.dat attachment. If it does, the sender needs to modify their Outlook settings to use iCal, as follows:

  1. In Outlook, go to Tools > Options.

  2. On the Preferences tab, click Calendar Options.

  3. Under Advanced options, check the When sending meeting requests over the Internet, use iCalendar format option.

Note that this setting might be disabled if you're using Google Apps Sync or if you're connected to an Exchange Server.


Outlook adds events to my primary calandar that belong on another calendar

If you see events on your primary calendar that you were actually invited to on another calendar, it's probably because you subscribed to receive New Event notifications for the other calendar (which you do in your Google Calendar settings). What happens is, whenever Google Calendar sends you a notification about a new event, Outlook adds the event to your primary calendar—no matter what calendar the event actually belongs to. Unfortunately, this is just the way that Outlook works with Google Calendar notifications. If this is a frequent problem, you might want to avoid enabling New Event notifications for any calendar other than your primary calendar.


Events in Outlook Calendar are showing up in the wrong time zone.

In the Google Calendar interface, verify that your time zone settings are correct. Go to Settings and set both the Current Time Zone (on the General tab), then for each additional calendar, set the calendar's individual time zone (on the Calendars tab). People who invite you to meetings must do this for their calendars, too. Learn more.

Events scheduled from now on should display in the correct time zone. For previously scheduled events to display correctly, you'll have to recreate your Google Apps profile.


All day events show up in Outlook Calendar as spanning two days.

This is probably because your time zone is not correctly set in the Google Calendar interface. Perform the steps above to specify your correct time zone. After that, delete and re-sync your Calendar data to correct any previously scheduled all-day events. To do this, right-click the Google Apps Sync icon in your Windows system tray, open the Synchronization Status dialog, and choose the Delete and re-sync option for your calendar data, only. (Note that doing this will delete Outlook-specific data from your calendar, such as colored categories you've applied to events.) For details, see re-sync or repair Outlook data.


Some of my calendar, contact, notes, or tasks folders aren't syncing

Are they stored somewhere under your top-level Calendar, Contacts, Notes, or Tasks folder in Outlook? If not, they won't sync with Google Apps. When creating new folders in Outlook, be sure to create them under the appropriate Outlook app (Calendar, Contacts, and so on), or their contents won't sync with Google Apps.

In addition, create all notes in your top-level Notes folder in Outlook. Notes placed elsewhere, such is in subfolders, will not sync with Google Docs.


I'm receiving conflict errors when synchronizing my contacts. Is data not syncing? Am I losing contact information?

If you update a contact from both Outlook and Google Apps or a separate mobile device, a conflict can occur where Google Apps Sync retains two versions of the contact. You don't lose any data when this happens—both versions of the contact are retained, and you can choose which version to keep:

  1. See which contact has conflicting versions by opening your Sync Issues folder (in Outlook Mail, choose Go > Folder List). Note that other issues might be reported here, too.

  2. Open the contact in Outlook. Outlook displays a message saying there has been a conflict, and lets you choose which version to keep.

Other Sync Issues

I'm having other synchronization problems

First, verify that your version of Windows or Outlook meets all these system requirements (install updates as necessary). Also make sure you're using the latest release of Google Apps Sync with the latest hot fixes. Learn more about getting the latest release.

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