Inviting groups to calendar events

Inviting a group to an event is the easiest and most efficient way to invite substantial numbers of people at one time. Using groups, you can invite up to 10,000 attendees for one-time events and 5,000 attendees for recurring events.


What happens when I invite a group?


When you invite a group and you have permission to see the group's members, the group is added to the event as a special type of guest, as indicated by the group icon:


You can check group members and their responses by clicking the small arrow next to the group’s name.

The event’s guest list will keep up with changes to the group’s members: the event will appear for new members of the group and will be removed from the calendar of people that leave the group (unless they are invited directly or as a member of a different group).

A few things to note:

  • Event guests will also see the group name in the event. Their ability to see group members and responses depends on their access level to that group.
  • If the group A contains another group B as a member, then group B will be shown in the event as nested inside group A. You’ll be able to see members of group B only if you have appropriate access permissions.
  • Changes in a group’s membership are usually reflected in your calendar within half an hour, but it can occasionally take up to 24 hours.
  • If you click the Expand group link, the group expands into a list of guests who can be individually removed. However, group membership information is lost, and the event will no longer keep up with group membership changes.
  • Group changes are only updated for events that haven’t happened yet, including future instances of recurring events.
IMPORTANT: Automatic group updates work only for groups added to an event after the feature was launched in November 2013. To make group updates work in an event that was created earlier, edit the event as follows: remove groups from the guest list, add the groups again, and save the event.

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