Add Gmail account to MacMail

  1. Click the Apple at the top left of your screen and click System Preferences:

  2. Click on the Internet Accounts icon:

  3. If you do not currently have any accounts configured you will see a list of services you can log into:

  4. Click on the Google icon and enter the requested information and click Setup.

    1. If you already have an account configured you will need to click the plus icon at the bottom left of the window and you will be greeted with the above services.

  5. Once you click Setup you will be greeted with the following screen with the available Gmail account items to sync:

  6. By default all of these options are selected.

    You can uncheck any of these items that you do not wish to sync to your computer

  7. Click Done and your Gmail account will be added to your computer.

    1. Note: Your contacts will go to the Contacts app and your Calendar appointments will go to your Contacts app 



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