Setting up Resource Manager

Setting up a resource manager

A common use for resource notifications is if you want to have a "resource manager" who approves or rejects the scheduling of a given resource. Perhaps you have a resource that you want to restrict to certain users at particular times of day. You can set it up so the resource manager gets resource notifications and can then accept or decline events on behalf of the resource.

To set up a resource manager:

  1. As the administrator, go to My calendars, click the down-arrow by the desired resource, and select Share this Calendar.

  2. Share the resource with your organization or specific people who are allowed to book the resource.

  3. Share the resource with the resource manager. Give the resource manager permission to Make changes AND manage sharing.

  4. On the Calendar Details tab, set Auto-accept invitations to be Automatically add all invitations to this calendar.

  5. As the resource manager, arrange to get notifications for the resource using the steps at the top of this article.

Now when a user creates an event and schedules the resource, the resource is invited but does not automatically accept. The resource manager gets notified about each new or changed event, and can then accept or decline the event on behalf of the resource.

To accept or decline events for a resource:

  1. If you haven't already done so, set up a resource manager as described above.

  2. As the resource manager, when you get notification about a new or changed event, click more details in the notification email. The notification will be titled "New Event" (versus "Invitation"). This takes you directly to the event.

In the event, indicate whether or not the resource is attending and click Save.


After a resource calendar has been shared with you, you can view it as follows:

  1. As a user (not an administrator), access your calendar.

  2. Click the down arrow by Other calendars and then select Browse Interesting Calendars.

  3. Click the More tab.

  4. Click Resources for <your domain>.

  5. Find the resource you want to add and click Subscribe.

  6. The resource will now appear on your Other calendars list, where you can view the events.

  7. Note that if you follow these steps as an administrator, the resource is added to your My calendars list instead of your Other calendars list.

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