Share calendar resources

Once you've created a resource and added it to your My Calendars list, you can share your resource with the appropriate set of users. If you don't explicitly set the sharing option for your new resource, it will inherit the default sharing option for calendars in your organization.

Sharing a resource (for administrators)

  1. Sign in to your calendar account at

  2. In the My Calendars list on the left, click the down-arrow button next to the resource and select Share this calendar

    Old Google calendar: 


    New Google calendar: 


  3. Share the resource calendar with everyone in your organization or specific individuals

    • In order for all users to be able to successfully schedule a resource, it must be shared as See all event details with everyone in your organization. If you share with other settings, your users may be able to schedule the resource, but the resource will always decline the event

    • If you want only a subset of users to be able to reserve a resource, you'll need to explicitly add these users with the ability to either See all event details, Make changes to events, or Make changes AND manage sharing

    • Restricted users will still be able to see the resource when scheduling an event, but the resource will always appear to them as already booked. Only the users with whom you share the resource will be able to see when it is available

  4. You can learn more about sharing options here

  5. Test that your users can schedule the resource you just shared

After a resource calendar has been shared with you, you can view it as follows:

  1. As a user (not an administrator), access your calendar

  2. Click the down arrow by Other calendars and then select Browse Interesting Calendars.

  3. Click the More tab

  4. Click Resources for <your domain>

  5. Find the resource you want to add and click Subscribe

  6. The resource will now appear on your Other calendars list, where you can view the events

  7. Note that if you follow these steps as an administrator, the resource is added to your My calendars list instead of your Other calendars list

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