My Secure Backup Setup and Configuration

MySecureBackup Setup


Download the MySecureBackup Client:

Windows 32-bit version 3.22 (latest)

Windows 64-bit version 3.22 (latest)

Mac OS X

Note: If the MySecureBackup client has already been installed on your workstation, please jump to the Configuring My Secure Backup.

  1. Once the download has completed, double click the file to begin the installation.  

  2. When prompted by the security warning, select Run if available or click Save File


    After the download completes the file will open automatically if you had the Run option.

    1. If you had the Save File option navigate to your Downloads folder and double click the file name

  3. Click Next on the welcome Screen

  4. On the End-User License Agreement step, select the checkbox to accept the license agreement, then click Next


  5. On the Destination Folder page click Next.

  6. On the final page of the setup wizard, click Install

    1. Note: If prompted by Windows User Access Control to install the software, click Yes.

  7. Once installation has completed, click Finish.

  8. You will be prompted after installation to reboot your PC.  

    Make sure that any open documents are saved and select yes to restart your computer.

Configuring My Secure Backup

  1. When you log back into your workstation, you will be prompted by the My Secure Backup Setup wizard.  On the first overview screen, select Next

  2. On the account information page, enter in the following fields:
    Domain: clouddrive (note there are 2 d's) 

    1. Please note: You will receive username and password information in a separate email.

  3. Click Next


  4. Select the online disk that you want to connect to.  Generally the default selection here is what you will choose unless otherwise instructed:


  5. Click Next

  6. On the Existing Backups page, simply select next for new installations, leave the default option of ‘Create a new computer backup’ selected

  7. On the Automatic Backup step, leave all default selections and select Next unless otherwise instructed

  8. The Network Drive page is very important. This is where you set up the letter mappings for each drive that you will be using.

    For example, if you have a drive called Media and want to map this as the M: drive, you would choose M: from the drop down menu. All drive mappings must be unique and not already in use by other mappings

  9. Once you have made your mapping selections, click Next:


  10. On the Sync Folders page, select Next

  11. Finally, click the Finish button the Initial Setup Complete page.  At this time, you will get a dialog box saying ‘Configuring My Secure Backup’

    1. After a few moments, the Activity Monitor application will appear.  This page shows all your mapped drives and any current activity

  12. Now you can access these drives as you would normal network drives through My Computer or through the Save As:


    Make sure to set the service to restart upon failure after finishing the installation. 

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