Setup Google account on Android

To use the native Google Apps mail, contacts, and calendar apps on your Android, you need to sign in to your Google Apps account. You only have to do this once:

1) Open the “Settings” screen on your device. Navigate to the “Accounts” tab and select “Add account”.

2) After selecting “Google”, choose “Existing".

3) Sign in with your full email address under “Email” and use your Google Apps password.

4) A window will pop open asking you to agree to the terms of service; select “OK”.

5) A screen may open asking you to set up Entertainment. Select “Not now”.

6) On the next screen you can select which features you would like to sync. The core features to sync include Calendar, Contacts, Drive, and Gmail.

That's it! You can now use Google Apps from your Android. Just launch Gmail, Google Calendar, or whichever app you want to use from your home or applications screen.


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