Export Contacts from iOS

  1. Plug your iOS device into your Windows computer and open iTunes

  2. iTunes should already start syncing with your phone. When iTunes finish the backup process, Click on “Info” tab

  3. Click on “Sync Contacts with” check box, select “Windows Contacts” from drop down menu and click “Apply” or “Sync” button

  4. Click the Start button on your taskbar and type Windows Address Book. Click the Windows Address Book program in the search results.

  5. Click on arrow at the top right of the window and select “Export” as shown below

  6. Select “CSV (Comma Separated Values)” option and click “Export” butto

  7. Click on “Browse” button, choose location to save iPhone contacts as csv fil

  8. Select iPhone contacts fields that you want to export and hit “Finish” butto

  9. You will see this message if iPhone contacts exported as csv file successfully, hit “OK” button

  10. Now you can use this csv file to import iPhone contacts in any other application or device or you can open this file in Excel to view all iPhone contacts.


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