Drive File Stream - Installing and using

Google has released its much anticipated Drive File Stream client to replace the traditional Google Drive Sync. These two apps are quite similar in functionality, but where they differ are as follows: 

  • Drive File Stream does not have to download all the files to the computer  before the user can begin accessing and editing them. Instead it instantly "streams" the when it's opened

  • Drive File Stream supports access to Team Drives (available to G Suite Business and Enterprise customers. Email our sales team to inquire about upgrading your service) 

  • Drive File Stream doesn't unnecessarily use up disk space on your computer

  • You can selectively choose which folders and files you need downloaded to your computer in the event you're traveling or away from an internet connection

  • Drive File Stream for Mac allows for switching of users on the fly. This is helpful if you have a shared workstation

You can download the app for both Windows and Mac now!



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